Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Choosing to Follow

It's a beautiful thing when you can see God directing your path, and you choose to follow...not just once, but step by step. So often I let laziness rule my life and I miss opportunities.

Since moving to Virginia I had been searching for a church, but over a month passed and I still hadn't found "the one." Laziness and dejection began to creep in. Staying in bed all day on Sunday was a tempting idea. Then I made the choice to return to the last church I visited and give them another chance. They had a guest pastor that morning and I felt like his sermon was speaking directly to me. I learned that his church was near my house and they held their services on Sunday evenings.

I'll visit his church next Sunday, I thought, adding it to the list of potentials. But why wait, lazy girl? I chose to visit that same day. That night the assistant pastor taught and I felt, once again, as if his sermon had been prepared just for me. I instantly felt as if I had found my home. I was invited to a mid-week Bible study. I quickly compiled a list of excuses not to's too soon  for something like that, too many strangers, I'll be tired after work, my TV show is on...but two days later I chose to attend.

I think it comes down to the choices we make. The problem is that we can't always see the outcome, we have to step out in faith, one choice at a time. For me, I now have a group of believers to support and hold me accountable as I begin my walk.

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